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We provide an array of project controls support across industries that impact on today’s communities.

Integrated Project Controls (IPC)

It is so often the case on projects that controls functions do not align. Each develops in relative isolation resulting in misaligned breakdown structures, output frequencies and scope. This can make reporting clunky, change control unclear and management visibility poor. In short, it’s an inefficient way of working.

Some of the benefits of IPC include:

Data and Trend Analysis – Accurate Earned Value, cost and risk trending and integrated baseline management are made possible.

Reporting – Aligning controls functions in structure, scope and cycle, will result in alignment of the information they provide, making reporting a seamless biproduct of doing the day job. Reporting doesn’t need to be an industry in itself.

Data Warehouse – Alignment allows the use of a data warehouse, a place where all information meets and is distributed in a controlled fashion – a single source of truth, consistent and economical.

Project Visibility – IPC provides teams with the necessary information to conduct applicable analysis, determine corrective actions and make the strategic decisions that steer a project in the right direction. Ultimate project success relies on this visibility.

CMR’s IPC services include:

  • Design and implementation of bespoke IPC functions
  • Development of aligned work, cost and organisation breakdown structures
  • Setup of bespoke reporting using existing CMR templates where appropriate
  • Design of a data warehouse that interacts seamlessly with the IPC functions
Planning & Scheduling

Planning & Scheduling

Effective schedule management is at the core of what we do. Too often, schedules are understood by only a small few and the importance of clear communication and presentation is underestimated.

CMR ensures a quality output – a robust schedule that is endorsed by all to be used as a living document and management tool.

CMR also focuses on delivering schedules that are compliant with various forms of contract. Programme is particularly at the heart of NEC and must not only be used to reflect the works but as a demonstration of events requiring compensation.

CMR ensures your programmes are built with contractual compliance in mind, increasing your chances of project and commercial success.

CMR’s Planning & Scheduling services include:

  • Project planning support
  • NEC planning guidance
  • Tender / Bid support
  • Interface management tools
  • Schedule assurance & health checks
  • Schedule reporting, analytics & metrics
  • PERT and QSRA analysis
  • Effective Earned Value Management
  • Interactive planning workshops
  • Specialist planning training
Cost Management

Cost Management

No matter the project, effective cost management is critical to its reputation and success. Overspending is an easy and costly trap to fall into, and has the potential to destroy a project’s prospects before completion. Such a vital part of the process needs skilled management to maintain control and ensure smooth progress towards closeout.

At CMR, we achieve this by creating an accurate cost breakdown structure (CBS), fully aligned with the work breakdown structure (WBS) and the organisational breakdown structure (OBS). This allows the project management team to remain aware of detailed financial investments across the planning process and works as the project progresses, bringing trends of over or under-expenditure to light and allowing for timely corrective action.

CMR’s Cost Management services include:

  • Tender bid support
  • Baseline estimates
  • Contingency and reserve management
  • CBS set up
  • Cost reporting (forecasting, accruals, actual expenditure and estimated cost of completion)
  • Trend analysis and metrics
  • Quantitative cost risk analysis (QCRA)
  • Earned value management (EVM)
  • Resource management and OBS
Risk Management

Risk Management

The significance of risk management, particularly on smaller projects, can be underestimated. Schedule, cost and change control are often considered to be paramount, with risk management implementation sometimes viewed as surplus to requirements. However, it is crucial not to overlook the impact of effective risk management and analysis on programme success.

CMR’s risk management experience is vast. If you are delivering a megaproject we can assist with full implementation of risk/opportunity identification, quantitative assessment & analysis and mitigation at all levels (project, programme and portfolio). If your project is smaller and requires more cost-effective solutions, we can advise on and provide more appropriate risk identification / mitigation with qualitative assessment & analysis.
CMR specialises in integrated risk management processes and tailors their level of implementation to suit client needs.

CMR’s Risk Management services include:

  • Tailored Risk Management solutions using Industry Best Practice techniques
  • Establish Risk Management Plan integrated with cost and schedule
  • Risk workshop facilitation
  • Risk Register development
  • Support plans to mitigate threats and maximise opportunities
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) for Schedule and Cost
  • Implementation of Monte Carlo analysis, probability-impact matrices, decision tree systems
  • Production of Tornado and Waterfall charts
  • Risk Reporting & Dashboard development
Business & Data Intelligence

Data & Business Intelligence

We offer a specialised service, provided by experienced project professionals with a passion for technology, data management, graphic design and, ultimately, improving  efficiency. We are experts in the implementation of low cost Business Intelligence tool sets, tailored for small projects or mega programmes.

Our solutions

We are able to provide a capability that can be tailored to suit your requirements. We have prior experience of the following:

  • Automated report production
  • Processing, analysis and interpretation of large quantities of data with a clear focus on eliciting usable information, that has driven project/business decision making through providing quality insights.
  • A track record of producing strong, aesthetically pleasing visual reports that clearly communicate complex information
  • Consolidation of multiple system data sets, to create integrated reporting eg. cost, schedule and risk data
  • Creation of robust tools that plug the gaps left by shortcomings and lack of functionality in ‘off the shelf’ business systems
  • Provision of expert consultancy on existing business systems and reporting processes
  • Provision of standardised, “tried and tested” project reporting templates

Our skills:

  • Excel Development (Macros, Advanced Formulae)
  • Excel Data Management (Power Query, Power Pivot, Data Analysis Expressions DAX)
  • Business Analytics (Power BI)
  • SharePoint (Site Administration, Workflows and Power Query)
  • Database and Data Warehouse Development (SQL, MS Access)
  • Graphic Design (Adobe InDesign, Visio, PowerPoint)
  • App Development


A project produces an abundance of data that can be overwhelming at times. The challenge isn’t generating the information but presenting and using it meaningfully to steer a project to success. There is little value in creating and collating data if it doesn’t give full visibility and clarity to the people that need it.

Yet a balance needs to be struck to avoid feeling like you are moving out of one reporting cycle, and into another. How data is stored, accessed and presented are important factors to consider to ensure a lean reporting process that avoids duplication of effort.

CMR use household tools alongside industry leading technology to give clients a tailored reporting service that stands up to the “So what?” question and enables them to move their projects forward.

CMR’s Reporting services include:

  • Implementation of industry best in class benchmarks
  • Review of existing processes and systems
  • Alignment of Reporting Breakdown Structure
  • Access to bespoke reporting templates developed in-house
  • Creation of project dashboards
  • Introduction of KPI metrics
  • Use of Data Analytics to provide ‘drill-down’ reporting
  • Aligned reporting cycle
Forensic Analysis

Forensic Delay Analysis

Unfortunately, some projects run into disputes for which there may not be an easy resolution. This can be due to a failure to submit completed programmes, a lack of response to the programmes submitted, cost disputes or other issues with contract management. This is often as a result of poor understanding of the conditions defined within the contract, or a lack of appreciation for poorly conceived and understood clause amendments.

CMR are on hand to review contract documents at tender stage or post contract award to ensure they are fit for purpose, and that project teams have clarity on administering them from a planning & project controls perspective. Our forensic delay analysis service helps to establish the sequence of events when disputes arise, and assists both parties in reaching a formal resolution. We also help to provide evidence for adjudications, should the need arise.

CMR’s Forensic Analysis services include:

  • New Engineering Contract (NEC3 and NEC4) contract review
  • Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contract review
  • As-built vs As-planned variance analysis
  • Delay causation analysis
  • Time Slice Windows Analysis
  • Collapsed As-Built Analysis
Change Management

Change Management

As a project progresses, change is inevitable. Previously unknown delivery challenges will need to be overcome, which may affect project requirements, designs and scope. Change control is essential to ensure that changes are accurately assessed, so that project delivery meets the approved timescale, cost and quality standard. Execution of the change process should have a minimal impact on project delivery, but must also comply with existing governance.

CMR recognise that each business has unique governance and organisational structures. We have implemented change control processes in a wide range of organisations, always with clarity and the bespoke needs of the project at the heart of the solution.

CMR’s Change Management services include:

  • Development of bespoke change control processes
  • Incorporation of organisational and governance structures
  • Development and maintenance of change register
  • Supply and customisation of change form templates
  • Clear communication of approved change
  • Alignment with contractual change processes, such as those by New Engineering Contract (NEC3 and NEC4)
  • Updating of performance management baseline with approved change
  • Change reporting metrics and KPI’s
Document Control

Document Control

A well-executed Document Control function forms the heartbeat of any project. It is critical to apply controlled processes for the creation, review, editing, issuing, distribution and accessibility of documents. It must ensure that documentation is readily available, trusted by its users, and contains up-to-date, approved information. If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen!

CMR’s Document Control services include:

  • Development of bespoke Document Control processes
  • Assessment, recommendation & deployment of document control systems
  • Design and creation of automated reports
  • Supply and customising of document templates
  • Expedition of late information